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Etienne Mokusho Zeisler (1946-1990) is born in Hungary. He was three years old when his family came to live in Paris. He was one of the most ancient disciples of Master Deshimaru calling him Sensei, in the same way as we call Master Zeisler, Etienne. He was his first translator and had acquired a great intimacy with him, letting his mind and his speech to follow naturally the ones of his master. His name, Mokusho, Silent Illumination, was the mirror of himself, few words, a warm voice, rarely an explosion that would be even more terrible, few typical gestures, an inner and communicative presence: the big brother that everyone could wish. He commented at length, among others, the Tenzo Kyokun of Master Dogen, the everyday life teaching for all. In Zen, he said, everyone addresses himself to himself, like the old tenzo who is drying his mushrooms. Besides, rather wild, he liked very much to go hunting for them, a far away figure in the park of La Gendronnière.

Master Mokusho Zeisler received the dharma transmission in 1984 from Master Niwa Zenji, the Superior of the Eihei-ji temple in Japan. His death in June 1990 unconsciously grew a piece of mirror in us. In his last kusen on the Sanjushichi Bodaibunpo, he says: Please pass in front”, and he let us the place. The ones who knew him have had and still have a great love, intimate, internal, and an infinite gratitude for him. During his last radio interview, he answered the question: “Etienne Zeisler, tell us at the end, explain to us, what is a zen monk.” Etienne then answered: “A zen monk, well, it is a zen monk.” Inmo.

“We should know the price and the value of the dharma deep inside our mind, our decision, for our life and our death. So the bodhisattva who searches for the dharma does not find anything. He forgets everything and in that instant, all things are resolved. The entire existence becomes perfect, simple, light, for him and for the others.

Please pass in front. The true compassion can appear, the true universal love. Transform, change a little bit your mind. Only look inside yourself. Where is the hell, where is the paradise? You, who practice, do zazen, teach, who are godo, where are you going? Decide quickly, rapidly. It is the diligent effort. The pure, clear effort. It is the posture of zazen.”

(Etienne Mokusho Zeisler, L’Illumination Silencieuse, AZI)







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