The answer is silent, your silence will be heard

The active passivity of a silent answer, living posture

Zen was influenced by the Japanese refinement, the Japanese delicacy. Sensei used to say:
"My Zen and the one from my Master Sawaki Kōdō were influenced by Nembutsu, and the Zen that
I have introduced in Europe will be influenced by Christianism"
(Mokusho Zeisler)


“Yes, he used to be strict, demanding, but not only… quite often Sensei would simply answer “, “As you like” pointed out Etienne Mokusho Zeisler to me the last time, in 1988 in Paris, that I had the opportunity to meet him.

Etienne 10
Apostle, hōsshi of the Lotus Sutra, he will forever occupy the Tathāgata’s Chair, he will inhabit his Abode and wear his Cloth. Witness for whom nobody gives testimony, in the perfect style of the Bodhisattvas emerged from the earth, he moves comfortably in the field of impossibility. Ravished and understood, he announces the event, the reason, innen, of the appearance of Buddha in the world.

Of the Immensity of the fragment, of the extra-ordinary and factual appearance of Buddha in the world...

 “To understand the appearance of Buddha in this world – in Christian terms, we could say: to understand that God incarnated himself - is like becoming intimate with the truth, becoming one with everything. It means to understand that this burming house – our body, our mind – is the original truth, is the son of man.” Calm naturalness, discreet and reserved, his is a poetry of the annunciation which, together with that annunciation, declares and clarifies the impossibility of the perfection of existence, of immortality; the impossibility to observe the Law with all its Rules and Precepts; the impossibility for the human mind to become as immense as the ideal of the Great Vehicle; to understand what nobody can understand; to save all the beings who are impossible to save; to believe what is impossible to believe, to practice what is impossible to practice….

To wonder, still, how to cut the sufferings that are impossible to cut, how to find the truth that nobody can find, how to hear the teaching that has never been preached.

He, whilst remaining far from both aspects of mastery, the one that relates to the sign question and the one that relates to the figure of the wise man capable of a totality, has the strength, the power to declare what cannot be proven, to declare the event of the human hope, and to accept, with open hands, the living question from the bottom of our mind, beyond our relations and ourselves. In other words to go back to the normal conditionAlways healthy, always sober, always ordinary.

He doesn’t ask for negotiations, nor merits that would enable certain negotiations. He does not yield to the temptation of  who would like to take Buddha hostage on account of acquired merits or the respect of a law, even the law of Buddha himself. For him Zen means to die quickly.

This makes Buddha appear in the world, a Buddha who has been here since the very beginning and who sees, with his eyes wide open, the eternity of a same place, of a same space before they get a name!

Silent answer to the living posture.

It is the essence of Religions, immeasurable, immense silence. To stay still in front of the lack of answers!




Fausto Taiten Guareschi

Fudenji Zen temple

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