Etienne was born on the 17th of February, 1946 in Budapest, to Katalin Taubner (daughter of a banker in Budapest and also Miss Budapest pre-war!!!) and Ferenc Zeisler (wool manufacturer). In 1948, they secretly fled Hungary to escape the Russian abuses. Their project was to join the United States but the "friend", to whom they had entrusted the few possessions they destined to their flight, disappeared in the wild... They find themselves with nothing to Paris and compatriots gradually help to find work. His mother works in a garment factory and his father in the industrial knitting.

Etienne 25
Etienne spoke French and Hungarian and decided at the age of 7 to translate his name from Istvan to Etienne. The whole family had the stateless status (status no longer exists). Etienne has made numerous attempts to obtain French citizenship, but only obtained it after the birth of Alexis in 1973! In 1968 and 69, when we met at Mr. Lambert's yoga, we also followed the first lessons of Sensei, especially zazen Sunday in Gretz, the Theravada temple of Mr. Joly. This is where we received the Bodhisattva ordination. We went for the first time to Japan in 1970 with Sensei. 





This photograph was taken in the dojo of Avenue du Maine at the day of the marriage of Etienne and Malika. Ferenc Zeisler, father of Etienne Zeisler is behind Master Deshimaru.


Malika Reigetsu Le Grand

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